I love a good coffee shop. I don't pretend to know too much about coffee, but I'm beginning to learn more. I usually work from coffeeshops when I'm not in my lab. Here's a selection of some of the coffeeshops around UMich that I like.

Hyperion Coffee Co

Hyperion is a great café in Ypsi. They have been called the best roasters in Michigan! They have a great selection of coffee and offer many different brewing methods. They have a nice little outdoor area that's a great working space when the weather is nice out.

What I've tried: Their caramel and vanilla lattes. The espresso is one of my favorites in this list!

The Common Cup

The Common Cup is a cute not-for-profit coffeeshop that is partnering with the University Lutheran Chapel. It is a cosy, cute cafe (no windows though). They have a selection of board games if you wish to play, their brewed coffees have upto two refils free if you are enjoying it at the cafe.

What I've tried: Their batch brewed coffee with milk(quick shoutout to them for using Guernsey Dairy - my favorite!), regular cappuccino.

Mighty Good Coffee

A sleek, fresh cafe in the Arbor Hills area. The people are great, music is good and the coffee is amazing. They have a beautiful selection of teas and pastries too.

What I've tried: Most if not all of their signature lattes, batch brewed coffee, a variety of their scones which I also recommend.

Maizie's Kitchen @ Michigan League

Back after a huge, new remodel, this cafe at Michigan League is really pretty especially in the evenings. Lots of bustling students around, plenty of food options to pick from too. Most importantly, they serve Peet’s Coffee!

What I've tried: Pretty much all of their brewed coffee, blueberry muffin.

Literati Coffee

This coffeeshop is above the bookstore of the same name. It's supposed to be frequented by academics, according to my advisor. If you're lucky enough to snag one of the tables by the window, it's an amazing place to work, read or just people watch. They also make a mean hot chocolate.

What I've tried: Pretty much all of their drip coffees, hot chocolate, and scones.

Black Diesel Coffee

This might be my favorite place to work from. They have good seating, great coffee and great ambient noise. They have cute geodesic domes outside on the patio during the fall and winter.

What I've tried: Always liked their single origin brewed coffee, and their yummy cappuccino with caramel sauce.